Our proposals – new homes for Crowborough

Proposed visible signature building

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If delivered, the scheme will also bring a range of benefits for the Crowborough community and new residents, including:


To complement the local area, the proposed scheme has been designed retain a sense of the existing semi-rural character through;

  • A carefully designed layout which retains the vast majority of existing trees and hedgerows with minimal breaks.
  • Potential to provide new tree and woodland planting to compensate for the loss of vegetation.
  • Creation of new public open space, play areas and footpath links.

As part of this process, some key documents have been produced. Please find the following:

Design and Access Statement - 3.84Mb 


In order to serve the proposed development, a new roundabout junction would be required along Walshes Road, at the south-western corner of the site. The site is well connected to existing public transport links, with bus stops along Walshes Road close-by providing access to the Railway Station, Crowborough Town Centre and on to Tunbridge Wells.


We want to create a pleasant environment for new residents and to do so will be retaining and enhancing green spaces, to safeguard existing habitats and maximise diversity.

We propose new woodland planting and the creation of a number of ponds throughout the site. In addition, new wildflower grasslands will provide foraging opportunities for bats, birds, reptiles and invertebrates. For nocturnal species, sensitive lighting schemes will be introduced. Finally, bat and bird boxes, insect boxes, hedgehog domes and reptile log piles will be provided. Tree loss will be minimised by carefully aligning the internal road network to ensure that roads to not conflict with significant trees.

Crowborough Development framework

Development framework, click to enlarge